Saturday, 31 December 2011

Change is inevitable - Except from a Vending Machine.

It is that time again.
It's December 31.

Oh, yes.
You all know what that means.

It's the last day of the wonderful (or perhaps not so) year of two-thousand-and-eleven.
A lot happened this year. A tsunami in Japan, Osama Bin Laden was killed, the "Occupy" protests swept the world, a terrorist killed 93 people in Norway, Jack Layton (Canadian leader of the opposition) died, Steve Jobs died. Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. The Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, causing a riot in Vancouver. Amy Winehouse died. Gay marriages were legalized in New York.

I was going to post a bunch of these pictures but I realized that I really wanted to post ALL of them, so why do what they've already done. These pictures show the severity of many of these events.

Whether any of these events affected you, or not, what's important is that they and many, many other major events drastically affected somebody, somewhere. Something affected you, 2011 has left an impact on you. Whether you know it or not. Every year, on New Years Eve (today!) somewhere between the partying and the eating, I try and sit down and think about how 2011 affected me. Try it. You may be surprised. Think back to LAST JANUARY. It may feel like yesterday, or it may feel like a million years ago, perhaps it feels like both all at once. 

It's unbelievable, to me, how much a person's life can change. In a year, in two, pretty soon, you may find yourself a completely different person. It makes me wonder, did we change? Did we just unveil a new layer of ourselves, revealing what was always there? I don't know. It's just a guess, but I bet you don't either.

Another thing I try and do every New Years (although this is a lot more recent of a tradition) is to sit down and compile a list of all the songs that made my life that year. I don't know about you guys, but I need music. I had a few months sans iPod this year, and it was torturous. 

I was reading this article the other day, and number 3 (In college more than ever before, songs will attach themselves to memories. Every month or two, make a mix cd, mp3 folder, whatever - just make sure you keep copies of these songs. Ten years out, they'll be as effective as a journal in taking you back to your favorite moments.) really spoke to me. So, I encourage each and every one of you to compile your own list of songs from that year, because every person's is going to be different. If you're super skilled, you could try and do something like this awesome mash up of top 40 songs from 2011. I'm not that skilled. Maybe you are. If you are, I'd like to meet you. You're probably a cool person.

Anyways, to kick out the old year, and kick off the new year, with a bang (sorry for the way too cliché phrasing) I'm not going to give you A final song for your inspiration, I'm going to give you...

My Songs for 2011:

I'm sorry. I have to do it. I can't break a tradition. Sooooo.... ONE MORE VIDEO!

And here's a final song, for your inspiration. ;)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

I think baby-name obsessing is a disease. A disease that somewhat surprisingly, many, many people seem to have. I am one. As long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with baby names. I think that at some point I want children. Not any time soon for sure, but eventually. Just a few. Either way, keeping an obsessive list of my favorite names is one of my favorite past times. I have folders on my computer, and every month I make a new list (starting three years ago) of girls names, boys names and twin combinations. I feel like sharing them with you. I'll start with girls. There's a lot of them. Some of them are normal, some are not. I love them all for different reasons. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to use a lot of them. My parents would think I was nuts if they knew I liked a lot of them. Here goes... (I'll comment on some of them.)

Amabel - I'm not sure I'd use this because I feel like it would constantly be confused for Annabel(le)
Amalia - Similar to Amabel, they would probably get a lot of Amelia's
Amelia - Losing interest in this.
Amélie - Love this, difficult to pull off without a French accent. In English, it just sounds like Emily. And that's boring.
Anna - Losing interest.
Annabel - Much better than Annabelle in my opinion.
Aoife - pronounced Eefa. Probably wouldn't use, but I love it.
Avalon - Probably wouldn't use
Aveline - Love, love.
Caoimhe - Pronounced Keeva, see Aoife.
Cecilia - Nicknamed Cece or Celia.
Charlotte “Lottie" - Getting far to popular, sadly.
Clementine - Wouldn't use because most people would say it like the orange, instead of Clement-een.
Cosette - Les Mis gives this a negative connotation, but it's beautiful.
Cosima- Love, love.

Edith - Adore.
Eliza - Not sure if I love it or not.
Elizabeth “Libby” - Libby's the best nickname for this in my opinion.
Elodie - Not sure
Emmeline - :)
Estelle - New on the list, lovin' it.
Esther - Same as Estelle, but love it more.
Eugenia - After seeing "The Help", I adore this.
Eva - Beautiful, although I prefer Eve.
Evangeline “Evie" - Might be too religious sounding.
Eve – One of the fave's
Evelyn - See Charlotte
Fiona - Like it.
Gillian - 100 x better than Jillian.
Ginevra - Too Harry Pottery, but adorable.
Georgia (Gigi) – Love, love, love.
 - Love, love, love.
Hazel - Love, love, love.
Hermione - See Ginevra.
Hope - Losing interest.
Imogen - Love, love, love.
Ingrid - Diggin' it.
Iris - Love flower names.
Isla - Okay.
Ivy - Love the v and y next to each other.
Jane - Way underused.
Josephine « Josie, Fifi » - Love
June - Probably my favorite name.
Léonie - See Amélie.
Lucy - Overused.
Lydia - Love.
Lyra - Celestial, I love it. 
Lyric - Probably wouldn't use, but I love it.
Maëlle - See Amélie.
Maeve - Adorable.
Nora – Don't know if this or Norah is better. Both are fantastic.
Nova - Doubt I'd use, but love.
Paloma – Love
Persephone - See Nova
Penelope - See Nova
Phaedra - See Nova
Philippa "Pippa/Flip" - Love, love, love.
Poppy - Love, unsure if I'd use.
Primrose “Rosie, Posie” - Too Hunger Gamesy
Rosamond “Rosie” - LOVE
Rose – One of the fave's
Rosemary « Romy » - Mostly like this for Romy, but I have a thing against nicknames without a full name behind it.
Rowena - See Ginevra
Ruth – One of the fave's. And I actually know a 3 year old Ruth!!
Saoirse - Seersha. See Aoife. This is my favorite Irish name.
Sorcha - Sorsha. See Aoife.
Susannah  “ Annie, Sunny” - Lovin' it.
Thisbe - Adoooooooooorable.
Véronique - See Amélie.
Victoire - Better than Victoria. Too French though.
Violet – Someone once told me it sounds like Violent :S
Xanthe - Love, love. Reminds me of Yellow.


Asher - Fave at the moment.
Elliot - Overused.
Everett - 2nd fave at the moment.
Ezra - Love
Felix – Too cat like?
Harry - Love, love.
Henry - Love, love. 
James - Losing interest.
Joseph – Underused.
Jude - Love
Levi - Love
Oliver – Too cat?
Rhys - SO MUCH BETTER than Reece
Rupert - Adorable, very British. Just like the fantastic little bear.
Sebastian - Used to be my favorite.
Simon - Like
Spencer – LOVE
Walter - Love



Abraham & Theodore “Abe/Bram & Teddy” - Like
Everett & Simon
Everett & Spencer - favorite boys' pair I think.
Asher & Felix
Asher & Henry

Nora & Lucy
Audrey & Clara
Stella & Lucy
Fiona Jessamine & Scarlett Lucasta - Like this.
Alice & Charlotte
Emmeline Violet & Susannah Poppy «  Emme & Annie »
Josephine Violet & Susannah Poppy «  Josie & Annie »
Annabel & Lucy
Annabel & Jessamine nn Annie & Jess
Susannah & Philippa « Annie & Pippa »
Lydia & Eliza
Lyra & Stella
Cecilia & Evangeline « Celia & Evie »
Gwendolyn & Francesca
Lydia & Francesca
Nora & Ivy
Norah & Iris
Susannah & Clementine
Lydia & Francesca
Nora & Rose
Eve & Ivy
Philippa & Rosamund «Pippa & Rosie » - Favorite girls' Pair 
Emmeline & Philippa « Emme & Pippa »
Lyra & Selene - Don't love Selene but think it's great with Lyra.
Rosalind & Arabella “Bella & Rosie”
Gwyneth & Felicity
Avalon & Nova
Esther & Imogen
Harriet & Imogen

**Purple means I love it.

Gavin Rhys & Norah Jane
Henry & Charlotte
Henry & Eliza
Abraham & Josephine “Josie and Bram”
Lydia & Oliver
Eliza & Oliver
Henry & Lydia
Everett & Josephine “Rhett & Josie”
June & Ezra
Everett & Philippa “Rhett & Pippa”

So there ya have it folks!!

And to put you in the holiday mood,

Here's a final song, for your inspiration. ;)