Saturday, 3 March 2012

Oh, I Miss the Comfort of this House

Oh, I Miss the Comfort of this House

Embroidered dress
$58 -

Steve madden heels
$90 -

Mulberry studded bag
$1,500 -

Tory burch jewelry
$225 -

Crystal jewelry
£35 -

It's All a Masquerade

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. My life has changed a lot since the start of 2012. 

It's funny how friendships work. I think that friendships (and perhaps relationships too) work not because of the people involved, not because they were such a great couple, or worked great as best friends, but because of the time in their lives. It's like, at that particular time, for a certain amount of time, something with in each person was exactly right for the other. They were exactly what each other needed. Sadly, even that always seems to end. It always seems that something within one, or both, people changes and they're no longer perfect. Maybe you don't know what changed, maybe you drifted apart, maybe you had a fight and realized "Man, I really do not like this person as much as I thought," or maybe some inexplicable force you can't describe drove you apart so efficiently and suddenly that you cannot believe it had happened so fast. One minute, your best friends. The next, your not.

This happened to me. The last scenario. I had a friend, a best friend, for almost exactly one year, 2011. But now, without so much as an actual, legitimate argument, we don't talk at all. We're finished.

I'm baffled by it.

I've been trying so hard to figure out what went wrong, what happened, how I can fix this mess, whether or not I SHOULD fix this mess. I think I've come to realize that it's out of my control.

I'm thinking of making a timeline. Starting when I was very little, with all of the people that were important to me, and continuing on through the years. Seeing who was important when, who still is, who always has been. One thing I will say, however, is if you've ever been important to me, you still are.

Even the infamous friend of 2011, by chance if you read this, you are still important to me. You always will be. Perhaps its not the best place to say it, but if you ever need me for anything, ever, I've still got your back. I told you I'd be there for you forever, and I meant it.
Whether you like it or not, even though we're no longer friends, I'd still come running if you needed me. 

Anyways, sorry for this sappy little confession :S

I really like this song, and band.

And here's a final song, for your inspiration. ;)