Saturday, 29 October 2011

All the Things That We Are

The World is a Book

"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine.

If it's up to me, I'm going to read the entire book.

I want to travel. I want to travel really, really, really, really badly. If I could afford to just live on the road and travel forever and ever and ever, I would. I want to see the world, I want to taste the food of the world, I want to hear and speak the languages, feel the cultures, love the people. There's so much out there, I can just feel it. There's quite literally a whole planet out there to explore and I want nothing more than to see every inch of it that I can before my time is up. Travel inspires me. Photography inspires me. Food inspires me. People inspire me.

Recently, a very good friend of mine sent me a this link:

It's so great. I'm not even sure I can accurately describe anywhere near close to how great these videos are, so I'm going to just let them speak for themselves. I hope you love them as much as I do. I hope you're as jealous of the guy in the video as I am, and I hope you can somehow understand just how inspired I am by these videos. They make me want to go out there and be happy. They make me want to go out and prove to the world that I can make the decision to live my life how I want to live my life and do everything that I can to enjoy every second of it. I hope that someday I can see the world and all the glorious people in it, and I hope that someday you can achieve whatever it is that makes you feel like traveling makes me feel.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy those videos.

I always end my posts with a song. I had a really hard time finding a song for this post because nothing would live up to the awesomeness of those videos... but I think I found one that'll do a pretty good job. It's not in English because it's from somewhere I've wanted to go to for a very, very, very long time: Japan.


And here's a final song, for your inspiration. ;)